Nutrition Unit at Ekwendeni

nruAt Ekwendeni Hospital a well established Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit is led by Mrs Joyce Makandawere. Due to the poor harvest, Joyce and her team are seeing an increasing number of malnourished children. Normally, at this time of year, there would be no children there but on a recent visit 24 children were being cared for and this number is likely to grow.

The children are given Lukini Phala (a maize porridge enriched with soya and vitamins) and a specialist food bar to chew on. Each family takes home a supply to cover them until the next hospital visit and in addition the unit teaches mothers about diet, nutrition and growing vegetables and provides support and basic needs to the families including, clothing, most of which are donations shipped out in Raven Trust containers The families also have social issues which Joyce is able to address.

With funds raised, the Raven Trust has recently made available some £300 to help the unit with costs

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