Box packing tips

Packing1Step 1
DO NOT SEND food, drugs or liquids. Please wrap delicate items individually in bubble wrap or similar material so that they are protected during transit.






Step 2
Choose a strong, rigid box ( banana or whisky boxes are ideal) as the boxes are handled at least 5 times and are stacked 3 metres high in the container.  Avoid polythene bags as they do not stand up to handling . Pack the box tightly and fill the box.



Packing3Step 3
Boxes are moved and loaded by hand – no machinery is involved – so please keep weight below 30 kg. Secure the box with good quality parcel tape.





Packing4Step 4    Labelling:
Please write on the box the following information:
Destination (e.g. Ekwendeni)
Name of institution (e.g. hospital)
Department of institution  (e.g. AIDs dept)
Name of individual responsible (e.g. officer in charge)
Contents (e.g. books, clothing, etc.)
Donor (your name)

We are not allowed, for customs purposes, to send personal boxes to individuals, only to institutions.


Packing5Step 5
Also write details above (place, name, dept etc.) on paper label, place in plastic wallet and tape firmly to box.

Finally, if your parcel contains anything fragile, please write ‘Fragile’ clearly on the box or invest in some ‘Fragile’ printed tape.