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New outlet for knitted goods

As The Raven Trust will no longer be sending goods from the Dundee depot, we have talked to Christian Hope International who run a similar work to us.  They currently send items via Mission Without Borders to Eastern Europe, and Samara’s Aid to Syria.  They would be delighted to accept new knitted goods of children’s and baby clothing. The cost is considerably less than sending to central Africa.  Christian Hope would appreciate donations towards sending these goods. The knitwear should be sent to:

Christian Hope International, Hope House, The Elms, Church Road, Harold Wood, Essex RM3 0JU.

Retirement and the future of the Raven Trust

As many of you will know, John and Sue Challis, the founders of The Raven Trust, have been planning their retirement from the trust for a while now. The completion of Shonga Bridge saw the winding up of John’s last major project and now there are just a few tasks to complete before retirement finally takes effect during 2017.

After much prayer, thought, deliberation and discussion, the trustees have decided that, unless a viable alternative becomes apparent in the next few months, the work of The Raven Trust will close this year. We thank everyone for all their support over the years.

We expect that the March container will be the last to be sent from Dundee, and space is limited. Please contact John Challis or David Randall if you are planning to send boxes out to Malawi in this container. There are alternative (but more expensive) ways of sending items to Malawi. We will provide details of these on this website in due course.

Shonga Bridge Opening

shonga-bridge-openingThere was great rejoicing at the official opening of the new Shonga Bridge. The people of the area will now have year round access to health and education services and to markets. Before the bridge was built the villagers were cut off from these services as, in the rainy season, the whole area floods and the old bridge is submerged to a depth of 6 feet. To cross the flooded river safely, the new walkway bridge has been built some 9 feet above the old bridge level. The length of the bridge is 130 feet and was designed by Prof Alan McGown.

Nutrition Unit at Ekwendeni

nruAt Ekwendeni Hospital a well established Nutrition Rehabilitation Unit is led by Mrs Joyce Makandawere. Due to the poor harvest, Joyce and her team are seeing an increasing number of malnourished children. Normally, at this time of year, there would be no children there but on a recent visit 24 children were being cared for and this number is likely to grow.

The children are given Lukini Phala (a maize porridge enriched with soya and vitamins) and a specialist food bar to chew on. Each family takes home a supply to cover them until the next hospital visit and in addition the unit teaches mothers about diet, nutrition and growing vegetables and provides support and basic needs to the families including, clothing, most of which are donations shipped out in Raven Trust containers The families also have social issues which Joyce is able to address.

With funds raised, the Raven Trust has recently made available some £300 to help the unit with costs