Reports from Malawi

Livingstonia Eye Clinic – 20th June

Work progresses well in the warm, dry weather. The walls have been built up to window height and the first lintel has been placed in position today. It is expected that the bricking, up to wallplate level, will be completed by Wednesday this week. The workforce consists of 4 bricklayers and 8 labourers who have been able to collect materials from the various local sites. We have Tiwonge as foreman again and Muma Cook makes the boys tea and sweeps and clears up at other times. The treated timber for the roof has arrived and roof trusses will be started this week by Mzimbe, a local carpenter.

We have since heard that the roof trusses have been constructed and put in place and the roof is now being put on.


General News

Fortunately there is not too much malaria about at the moment and the crops are being harvested, so there is lots of maize about in the country. At Ekwendeni, they only had 2 cases in the hospital nutrition unit.

The local chief from Chitimba died last week and many people were involved in the funeral arrangements. Some of the work force were absent for a couple of days as a result. It was very strange driving into Chitimba on the day of the funeral. There was no music, many of the shops were shut and all was very quiet as people went about serviceing the busses etc.


Mlowe Water Mill

Chris and I went to see the storm damage on Friday. The storm ripped through the source channel to the pond which has silted up and the wheel is damaged. We have been asked to estimate costs for rebuilding and strengthening, which we will do this week.



Next weekend (27th June)sees the arrival in Lilongwe of Keith and Judith Feay. Keith will be doing some x-ray maintenance as well as running a training course at Ekwendeni for 8 electrical engineers on x-ray and other equipment.

Update – The course was a great success and much appreciated.