“Good Hope” welcomed to Lake Malawi

Container FCL64, carrying the “Good Hope”, arrived safely at Chilumba on Lake Malawi on 9th August. When it had been lifted off the lorry the next day and opened, it was found that the boat had travelled thousands of miles from Macduff without damage.

John Watt, who built the boat at Macduff Shipyard, was on hand to help with the unloading and re-assembly. A group of scouts from York were also there to witness and record the historic event..

At 14.30 CAT (Central Africa Time) on Monday, 10th August the “Good Hope” was lifted into Lake Malawi and, after final checks and stowing of equipment, the engine was started and she set off on Lake Malawi for the first time.

On Tuesday John Watt and George West took her down the Lake to Mlowe where she will be stationed and laid her mooring there. Her “placing on station” service was held on the beach the next day. The Malawian “boat boys” are delighted with the boat and the way she handles – even in rough weather.

Within a fortnight “Good Hope” had made her first emergenct run – to evacuate a newly delivered mother who was haemorrhaging and needed urgent hospital treatment.