Farewell to Container FCL65 and to Liz

On Wednesday, 18th November FLC65 was loaded at Strachur and set off on the long journey to Ekwendeni. On board were over 1100 boxes and packages including an x-ray unit for Embangweni Hospital, blood bank, other hospital supplies, wheelchair, water tanks, tools, blankets and clothing, books and educational supplies, toys and teddies.

The rain, which poured down later in the day, held off unitl the last few boxes were being loaded. The doors were closed and sealed and, a few minutes later, the container was off on the first leg of its journey.

Wednesday’s loading was the last for Liz Keddie who is moving away from Strachur. For the past couple of years, Liz has helped Iain at the store in all weathers, with the long job of labelling all the boxes and packages and listing them onto the shipping manifest.

Liz is seen here with Donald Macnab, one of the volunteer container loaders. Farewell Liz – we will miss you. Thank you for all your hard work, We wish you much happiness in your new home – from all the team.