Servicing and Maintenance of Hospital Equipment

Following on from  x-ray maintenance developments with Keith Feay last year, other hospital equipment is being brought into a servicing programme. On a recent visit to Malawi a survey was carried out on the condition of equipment at various Synod hospitals.

A tester has been bought which gives information on oxygen levels delivered by oxygenators. Interesting results ! New filters are being purchased and servicing will be carried out by the hospital electricians on the next visit to Northern Malawi.

Embangweni’s Antique….

…..and it still works, but Health and Safety would not approve! This is the current, main hospital sterilising equipment. It is powered by parraffin and the pressure pumped up like a Tilley lamp or Primus stove.

A few days ago an e-mail arrived, informing us that a modern replacement has been sourced in Aberdeen. This will shortly be on its way to Malawi.

Bullock power for the Henga Valley



Some funding has been made available to supply another pair of bullocks and a plough which will enable a community to increase food production and create an income from hiring the equipment to other villages. During his last visit to Malawi, John held discussions with a community in the Henga Valley, just north of Rhumpi. The farmers are very keen to become involved, have formed a local committee and are building facilities to house the bullocks.

Tools for the Job


Ben is a Grade 3 motor mechanic in Mzuzu. He is a good mechanic and does his best with very limited tools. During John Challis’s last visit to Malawi, John was able to present Ben with a set of tools donated to the Raven Trust. These will greatly help him in his work.

Gorodi Road



The rainy season has lasted longer than usual in Malawi this year. During John’s visit in March/April there were several heavy rain storms and the Gorodi Road was very slippery and had suffered some damage.

Workers were soon out with supplies of stones etc. to repair the road and prevent more damage.