Forthcoming Summer Visit to Malawi

The next three months will be a busy time for the Trust’s work in Malawi.

John will be out there from early July to supervise:-

  • property maintenance at Mlowe Clinic and staff houses
  • reroofing of a number of double orphan houses, replacing grass roofs with tin.
  • building at least one house for an orphan family
  • repairing a Mission Station house at Maponda
  • providing local co-ordination for various families who are coming to see, hear, smell and experience Africa for the first time
  • establishment of a hospital equipment repair centre at Ekwendeni and service of x-ray and oxygen concentrator equipment
  • installation of power feed and x-ray equipment at Embangweni

There are many people coming out from the UK to undertake these tasks. We ask for your prayers that everything will go ahead smoothly, professionally and on time.