Beyond Malawi

Peter and Tina say a big thank you to the Raven Trust.

Raven Trust’s co-workers, Peter and Tina, have been living and sharing God’s love and compassion in Central Asia and the Arab world since 1999. Their work began with involvement in income generation programmes for refugees. This was followed by teaching English and computing in poor regions. This enabled many of their students to secure further training at university and gain employment which has helped to lift them out of poverty.

In addition, Peter and Tina have provided cross-cultural awareness training addressing the many wrong presuppositions, misconceptions and misunderstandings between East and West. Hearts and minds have changed as a direct result of this training. People who once had hatred for everything western have adopted a friendlier attitude. Hostility has given way to a desire for peace. Given this success, Peter and Tina have expanded the work by recently establishing their own English language and cross-cultural and ethical awareness centre. They will also be involved in producing literature and educational resources to equip other trainers throughout their region.

Some quotes from students:

Teacher, you have not just taught us English; you have taught us about life.”

 “Our view about the West is 100% wrong.”

Peter and Tina’s work is mostly voluntary. In addition to prayer, the Raven Trust gives practical support by providing accommodation, transport, clothes, and other necessities while Peter and Tina are on home leave in the UK. Should you wish to support Peter and Tina, please get in touch with the Raven Trust for details.