Thank you to our volunteers

A big thank you to all our volunteers who turned out on a very cold windy day to load FCL 74 EKW. For almost the first time, the container was late arriving because strong winds had closed the Erskine Bridge to high sided vehicles. Despite of snow and hail showers the container was loaded with 1078 assorted boxes, bags and parcels.

Thank you to the “shed team” who load the trolleys, the “trolley dollies” who move trolley loads of boxes to the container, the “loaders” who load the boxes into the container and the “packers” and last, but but by no means least, the catering team who supply us with hot tea and coffee, soup and filled rolls and keep us all going. Thanks to all of you, FCL 74 EKW was waved off down the road on the first leg of her journey to our friends in Malawi with a prayer and a blessing.