Reports from John in Malawi


John has been visiting Jombo, the village that was given a new water supply last year. 60 families now have access to safe water and, as a result, sickness in the village has been markedly reduced

Now, into their second growing season since getting a bullock drawn plough and ridger in 2009 , the villagers are bringing more ground under cultivation in order to grow soya which will be sold as a cash crop to Ekwendeni Hospital to provide a sustainable supply of soya. This is added to ground maize, powdered milk, vitamins and minerals to make Likuni Phala – an enriched maize porridge which is given to malnourished children

Ekwendeni Hospital

Nutrition Unit

The building in which the Likuni Phala is made is in need of upgrade and the machinery requires an overhaul. John is hoping that funds can be found to renew the eletric installations and to overhaul the machinery necessary to grinds the maize and soya and mix the Likuni Phala.

Maternity Unit

The electricity supply at Ekwendeni Maternity Unit is not always reliable. During power outages, staff struggle to carry on the business of safely delivering babies, especially during ceasarian section etc. They need:-

  • a rechargable fluorencent tube light to use as emergency lighting until the generator can be started
  • 5 LED headlight torches
  • 10 floorstanding posable examination lights (anglepoise type)

Can anyone help with these items?