Bibles and Evangelism

Thanks to money donated to the Raven Trust for the purpose, on his last visit to Malawi John was able to buy 140 Bibles translated into Tambuka – the local language of Northern Malawi. They are pictured here being delivered, by trolley, to the house in Mzuzu.

The Bibles were then distributed to many people. Alex and John, seen here, are members of the Mzuzu Evangelism Association team and were very pleased to receive Tambuka Bibles as neither had ever owned one. John (on the right of the picture) is also going to use his Bible in Friday morning Bible study sessions at work in World Vision.

Here are some of the Mzuzu Evangelism Association team at work in a suburb of Mzuzu – taking their message to the people of the area through the medium of drama and reading their Tambuka Bibles. The team have now been invited to take their message into the local prison.