To Embangweni with love……

On a bright, dry day, volunteers turned out to load the latest Raven Trust container to set off for Malawi. Along with almost 1,000 boxes to be loaded was  a 3 phase generator and fuel tank for Embangweni hospital which will give more reliable emergency power during power cuts.  The old single phase generator which was refurbished by Ben Mhango will be a standby.
As the generator was so big and heavy, we could not load as usual at the store in Strachur and had to transport all the boxes to a piece of vacant ground which we had been given permission to use.
We have also just sent out and installed a new water borehole pump for the main water supply at Embangweni hospital. 18 months ago, John refurbished the auxillary pump at Embangweni which supplied mainly the nurses’ and other staff accomodation. Six months ago the main pump broke down. Temporary repairs were carried out but the pump broke down again and it became apparent that a new pump was required. A pump was obtained in the UK and air freighted out to Malawi. Ben Mhango (driver/mechanic) and Peter (electrician) have since been in touch to say that the new pump has been fitted and is working well to the delight of patients and staff at the hospital.