Rev Levi Nyondo drops in on the Raven Trust

On Saturday 26th May volunteers at the Raven Trust had the pleasure of meeting Rev Levi Nyondo, General Secretary of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, when he visited our store in Strachur.

Levi was in Scotland to attend the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland and had a day free before going to Belfast for the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ireland.

Over an alfresco cup of coffee in the sunshine, Levi shared with us a few stories illustrating the importance of the goods arriving in Raven Trust containers for the people of northern Malawi – the hardship relieved by the gifts of clothes, blankets and household goods and families helped to make a living through gifts of sewing machines and materials and tools.

Some supporters in Pitlochry have sent out many second-hand reconditioned bicycles which are used by clinic staff and by minsters to get about their parishes. recently one was delivered to a minister in a small, remote village and was immediately put to use ti transport a heavily pregnant lady, who was very ill and too weak to walk, to a distant clinic for medical attention.

Levi also shared his concern for retired minsters whose once adequate though not generous pension is now worth so little thanks to the effects of inflation and the devaluation of the Malawian Kwacha. Before he left to continue his journey to Ireland, Levi prayed for the work of the Raven Trust and all its volunteers and supporters.