Church donation received with thanks

The Raven Trust recently received a letter of thanks from Esther Lupafya – HIV/AIDS Coordinator at Ekwendeni, after John Challis had given the money raised by a church here in Scotland. Esther writes:- I write this letter on behalf of the HIV/AIDS programme and the Memory Luhanga family to thank you for the money which you donated to the AIDS programme to assist a needy family or families.

This money was used to renovate the house for Memory Luhanga family. Their house was in a very poor condition – it had no windows, doors and a roof that was leaking all the time whenever it rained. The worst situation was that they were getting Malaria attacks very often as mosquitoes were entering the house all the time. This family has two children who are 6 years and 3 years. They have already lost the eldest child due to Malaria and they were much in need of help.

I ask the almighty Lord to bless you all and the Luhanga family convey their sincere thanks to all who donate funds for projects like this