Containers to Malawi

On 10th December another container full of goods was loaded at Strachur and sent off to Malawi. It sailed from Greenock a week later. Have you ever wondered what happens to these goods in Malawi?

Recently we received a message from Mr Young Soko, Director of Primary Health Care at Livingstonia, thanking the donors for their gifts and telling us about the people who have benefitted. The pictures are from the distribution of FCL 82 which contained the Robert Laws and boxes from the Macduff area.

Young says: 90% of the blankets are already in use at the hospital and the patients using them are very comfortable. They arrived at the best time when the hospital was in need of them and didn’t know where they were going to get any. The rest we will give to orphans, widows and the sick.

Young goes on: for the other goods, 90% of them were given out on 24th December when we  invited over 1,000 orphans, widows, elderly and vulnerable people to come and get food and gifts from the container. Each person received some meat, rice, milk powder, cooking oil, salt, sugar, maize flour and some clothes.

Most of the baby clothes are  given to the maternity department so that every baby born there gets a gift of clothes on discharge and some are kept on hand to be given to orphaned babies who are looked after in the community.

We would like to thank all donors and organisers for these gifts and for the wonderful job that you do for all the people here – thank you very much for everything – Young Soko