Dr Lynn Dowds visits the Raven Trust

Dr Lynn Dowds (and husband Johnnie)  from the David Gordon Memorial Hospital at Livingstonia recently spent a weekend with the Raven Trust discussing their work and needs at Livingstonia and how the Raven Trust can help. During their time with us there was an opportunity for them to visit Pitlochry and the shop that supplies most of the bikes which go out to Malawi in our containers and to thank the owners for providing the bikes over the years.  Some 320 have been sent so far, every one fully serviced and boxed and ready for loading!

Many have gone to Ekwendeni PHC /Hospital and the Theological College and, following the Dowds visit, we now want to send some to Livingstonia for the health workers in the community to assist them in getting around their villages and to/from Livingstonia.