A bridge for Henga

Henga Bridge complete 2The Henga Valley is a fertile tract of land north east of Rumphi in Northern Malawi. In 2010, funds were made available for the people of the Henga Valley to purchase 2 bullocks and a plough to help improve food production. Sue visited the bullocks last year and found them (now names John and Charles) healthy and well cared for.

However the improvement in the lives of the people of the area was being held back by the lack of good roads, and in particular, a safe bridge over a deep gully.

In Spring 2013, John surveyed the “bridge” and work was begun during the autumn with local people, including Rev Major Highson Gondwe, supplying the labour. Unfortunately the bridge could not be finished in the time John had in Malawi, but he left instructions for the stabilising of the sides of the gully and returned this Spring to finish the bridge when the bridge slab was cast in concrete. The roadway approaches will be completed by the local community. The bridge will open up the village at Henga for domestic traffic – kids will be able to get to school all year round and  commercial crops,  such as cabbage, onions, maize etc., will be able to get to market.