Container Tales

loaded containerThe third container to be sent from Dundee loaded on Saturday 5th July and is now on its way to Antwerp on the first leg of its sea journey to Malawi. Congratulations to all the team in Dundee. The variety of goods loaded into our containers is enormous – clothing, shoes, bedding, hospital and educational supplies, bicycles, household goods, sewing & knitting machines, craft materials, building and electrical supplies, toys, computers and tools. But what happens to all these goods when they get to Malawi? Where do they all go and who receives them?

Firstly, we are very grateful to Regent Gondwe (Senior Administrative Officer at Ekwendeni Hospital) and Jeffrey Mwala (Administrative Officer in Charge at Ekwendeni Hospital) who organise a team to unload the container and oversee the unloading at Ekwendeni, inform recipients that there are boxes on board for them so that they can be there to collect their goods and store boxes for those who cannot be there at the unloading. Without their help the work just could not continue.

Over the next few days we will post a short series of  “Container Tales” with just a few of the stories of goods sent and received