NetballVal Symons is a PE teacher who has been visiting Malawi for a number of years with the Focus on Malawi team. She has built up a relationship with Teachers and pupils at Ekwendeni Srcondary School and sent them balls and equipment for netball with a Raven Trust container. However, they had no netball stands.

This year Val returned to Malawi and John Challis organised the manufacture of poles, bases and hoops by the local blacksmith. Paint, in Malawi, comes in 5 litre cans and is white, but John managed to find a small pot of blue paint for the stands. The school was delighted and we have just received a letter from Val saying

‘I have had a lovely email from Abel at Ekwendeni Secondary School – thanking me for the posts and kit and hoping to organise matches with another school – he was very complimentary about the quality of the posts so we shall have to thank your blacksmiths….’

We just never know what John will get involved with during his visits to Malawi, but well done to all !


The Raven Trust store at Peddie Street, Dundee will be closed on Saturday 27th December 2014 and Saturday 3rd January 2015

Thank you

Container loaded in Dundee

loadinf Dundee Dec14The three pedal – powered rice threshers were loaded onto a container at Dundee on Saturday 6th December along with around 1,000 boxes of goods of all descriptions. The container should reach Malawi within 3 months, in time for the next rice harvest and should be of great benefit to the small farmers around Kaporo near Karonga in the north of Malawi

Dentists’ Visit

dentist 1Nigel and Vicky Milne assisted by Catherine Smith, have been busy undertaking dentistry again this year,  particularly in the remote areas of Embangweni and along the coast.  People came from far and wide to be seen by the team and over 850 teeth were safely extracted, including a three rooted molar which was a challenge.  A great amount of pain relieved in many people.