Water Well Repairs

Well repairIt has been found that many wells are either not working efficiently or not working at all.  Work has continued to identify wells needing repairs, and plotting and recording their position with GPS etc.  Local teams from Ekwendeni Hospital have been trained to undertake and record the necessary work.  Once finished the people, particularly the women, are very grateful and appreciate having water available locally rather than having to walk long distances to collect water

Bridge Building at Zenda

Zenda bridgeThis bridge will enable the community at Zenda to have all weather crossing of the local river. Previously, in the wet season the river was impassable so the children could not get to school or people to clinic services and the local trading centre.
The community is building this bridge and the piers have been started. A new track has had to be cleared to a place where a bridge was possible. In September the road decking will be constructed. Funding has come from various groups in Scotland and the Raven Trust has provided the materials and technical skills while the Chief has mobilized the local communities to be involved in the labour of building.