Shonga Bridge

Picture2John has been working with the community at Shonga outside Ekwendeni to build a walkway bridge over a stream that floods to a great depth in the rainy season. The river, in the dry season, is only a few feet deep and can be crossed by a  wooden walkway made of tree branches. In the rainy season the whole area floods and the branch bridge is submerged to a depth of 6 feet. To cross this safely, the new walkway bridge has to be above this level so the walkway will be some 9 feet above the old bridge level. The length of the bridge will be 130 feet and was designed by Prof Alan McGown. The foundations and 6 concrete pillars have just been finished.  A lot of  reinforced concrete has been mixed by the community for making the substantial foundations and pillars.  In a few months’ time the decking will be fitted ready for the next rainy season and local people will at last have all-weather access to the main road – saving them a long detour to get to hospital, school, market, work etc