FCL 104 loaded at Dundee

14212019_1310219552351341_8147730509510847961_nThe latest Raven Trust container – FCL 104 – was loaded at the Dundee store on Saturday 3rd September. It is now at the container terminal in Grangemouth waiting to be loaded onto a ship for Antwerp thanks to our lovely driver Allan. Thank you to all who helped in the loading (and the feeding and watering of the loaders!).

This means that the store at Peddie Street, Dundee is now open again every Saturday morning from 10 am until noon to accept delivery of goods.

Meanwhile, FCL 103 has arrived at Beira, Mozambique and is on its way by road to Lilongwe. We hope it will quickly clear customs and be delivered to Ekwendeni for unloading as there are parts for the Shonga Bridge on board which John will need to finish the bridge before the rainy season arrives.