Autorefractor is looking good!

On Friday at our latest Goggle Works party friends measured and sorted more glasses, and we checked out the new autorefractor — which is working fine! On Wednesday evening, it’s being formally presented to The Raven Trust by Rotary Club of Colchester Trinity.

And here is the focimeter gang…

The focimeter gang

Guinea pigs wanted: free eye tests with our new autorefractor!

As reported in the last post, we’ve been donated an autorefractor by Colchester Trinity Rotary to install in one of the clinics we support in Malawi. This machine automatically tests eyes for problems beyond simple longsightedness.

On Friday 23 February, we’ll fire it up, check it and calibrate it by, among other things, testing a few people against the glasses they’re wearing. We’ll also do some ordinary eye tests on anyone who’d like one (no substitute, though, for going to the optometrist or GP if you have sight problems!).

There will be a bit of Goggle Working too, plus the usual tasty refreshments to keep you going. So, guinea pigs wanted! Starting 19:30 in Colchester, call 01206 622712 for venue details.

Guinea pig with specs


January Goggle Works report

We had a busy and productive evening on Friday 12th. Thank you to all who came. We boxed up 643 pairs of glasses, all beautifully bagged by the packing teams. Not all those specs were measured on Friday, as many more were made ready thanks to the stalwart team of Caroline, Jill and Emma, who have been sorting and measuring glasses at home in between the Goggle Works evenings.

In addition, there were boxes of cases, sunglasses, low vision aids (magnifiers etc) and text medical books. We sent 16 boxes altogether, and all these have now safely arrived in Scotland, and are waiting go be loaded onto a container organised by our dentist friends Smileawi.

Goggle Works team give a wave

We also celebrated the arrival of a new autorefractor, which has been kindly donated by Colchester Trinity Rotary. We’ll be saying more about this brilliant gift in due course. Here are Alistair Keeble (Colchester Trinity) and his wife Jackie with the autorefractor.

The autorefractor arrives