Next Goggle Works Friday 14 June 2019

Goggle Works illustrationOur next Goggle Works party will be on Friday 14 June, at 19:30, in Colchester. Join us to sort, wash, measure and pack second-hand glasses, ready to send off to our partners in Malawi.

Once in the clinics, they’ll be stored ready to dispense to patients. Providing second-hand glasses is important as new prescription glasses would be beyond the means of 90% of the population. Improving sight helps to enable education, work — and of course helps with the practicalities of living.

Everyone’s welcome, no previous experience necessary! Call 01206 622712 for more details.

Mr Godfrey Mkandawire

Mr Mkandawire

It is with sadness that we report the recent death of Mr Godfrey Mkandawire, ophthalmic clinical officer in charge of the eye clinic at the David Gordon Memorial Hospital, Livingstonia. Before his current work at this clinic, Mr Mkandawire was a lecturer in ophthalmology at the Malawi College of Health Sciences, Lilongwe. He had retired from this work to return to his home area of Livingstonia. However, he was not at all ready to retire entirely and in 2014 duly took over the recently-built and equipped eye clinic at the David Gordon Memorial Hospital. We celebrate and give thanks for Mr Mkandawire’s long career in the training of students and of treating patients; his wise professional counsel; and his kindly manner.