Another step towards making glasses to prescription locally

The objective of Focus on Malawi has always been to support the development of eye-care services that become locally sustainable. One more step in this process happened yesterday when a large consignment of donated uncut lenses  was delivered to Embangweni Hospital. Soon, another big step: the staff will be trained to cut and insert lenses into frames, ready for dispensing.

staff at Embangweni receive consignment of uncut lenses
Misheck and Phinious, staff at Embangweni eye clinic, receive a consignment of uncut lenses, delivered safely by Ben (top left).


Pub quiz win!

Meet ‘Almost Conscious’, a bunch of friends connected with Colchester Vineyard and supporting Focus on Malawi, who monthly pit their wits at the Alehouse quiz. Yesterday, they actually won, receiving the evening’s top prize of £62.00 — which they’ve donated to Focus on Malawi! Thank you team!