22 boxes of equipment despatched

We’ve just despatched 22 boxes of equipment destined for 11 hospitals and Malawi College of Health Sciences – one of our largest single consignments ever. Contents included a variety of basic surgical supplies, uncut lenses, specialised eye examination equipment, ophthalmic surgery instruments and medical text books. Most of the equipment had been donated.

22 carefully boxes, labelled with contents and destinations, start their journey to Malawi from Colchester, via Dundee.

From an anonymous donor, we recently received an ophthalmoscope, two ophthalmoscope/retinoscope sets, two Perkins tonometers, and a variety of other optometry equipment. As it turned out, many of these specialist items are precisely what is needed so a government eye clinic can be opened at Likhoma. A request to help this clinic had only been received by the Trust in the last few weeks.

An ophthalmoscope/retinoscope set which, with other quality instruments, were recently anonymously donated to the Trust.

Our thanks to everyone involved in donating, storing, sorting and packing all this stuff. As is so often the case, we find that supplies or donations arrive just in time to meet a new need or request.

The boxes will arrive soon at The Banabox Trust’s depot in Dundee, for onward transit to Malawi in their next 40ft container.