More eye care equipment despatched

During May 2024, we despatched 17 boxes and two wooden crates of medical equipment in response to requests from various clinics in northern Malawi.

One request came from a clinician who was being posted to Likoma Island to set up the first eye clinic there. With a recent anonymous donation of valuable equipment to the Trust, we were able to send him all the essential examination items needed to establish the clinic. Thank you to whomever sent the packages to us (yet another donation which we take to be a sign of God’s good provision)!

Other equipment for the clinics included surgical items, measured glasses, sunglasses, frames ready for glazing, children’s vision tests, stereo tests, vision charts, ophthalmoscopes, retinoscopes, and eye pressure testing equipment.

These crates, specially built by FoM volunteers, contained heavy examination equipment, including slit lamps and associated electric height-adjustable tables.

Thanks to all our friends and supporters in the UK who donated, stored, sorted, PAT tested, packed, made sturdy crates and helped despatch the goods. Their first destination was The Bananabox Trust depot in Dundee, for onward shipping to Malawi.