Sue Challis, co-founder, retires

Sue Challis recently retired from the trustee board of The Raven Trust. Sue has been intimately involved in the development and management of the Trust since she and her husband John founded it in 2000. But their involvement with the the church in northern Malawi went back some years before, and it was a visit Sue made to Malawi in 1995, at the invitation of a friend in Ekwendeni, that established the start of this work.

Sue and John’s vision right from the beginning was to support directly the practical needs of people and projects expressing the love of Christ in very needy communities. This led to regular container shipments of equipment for hospitals and schools, and all sorts of construction, training and development projects at and around the mission stations.

historical projects of the Trust

Sue is now joining John in a well-earned and well-deserved retirement (although, knowing them, it will be a very active one!). We shall very much miss Sue’s wise judgement and her charity management experience in our day-to-day running of the Trust, but we know she will be available when we need to tap her (and John’s) experience and thoughts.

Thank you Sue, we wouldn’t be here without you! Enjoy your retirement.