Data policy and privacy

The Raven Trust adheres to all legislation pertaining to the storage of personal information.

Personal data held by The Raven Trust is minimal and includes only contact details of our supporters, volunteers, charitable organisations with which we co-operate, project partners, and suppliers. These are: names, (and where necessary job titles, organisation details), phone numbers, email addresses and postal addresses. For those donating regularly through standing orders, we retain only the information submitted and necessary for administration, including GiftAid declarations.

Beyond those with whom we work in relation to our core charitable operation (partners and suppliers), we will only contact those who have specifically requested to be in contact (and for whom we have a record of doing so).

We store contact details on secure devices and encrypted backups.

We do not share supporter contact details with any other person or organisation.

The Trust, however, encourages interaction between volunteers, charitable organisations with which we co-operate, partners and suppliers working on projects relevant to the Trust’s activities and commitments. It may be important, from time-to-time, that direct communications occur between such parties. In such cases, we would be available on request to effect, or ourselves initiate interaction. Any exchange of contact details would only be carried out with the full prior permission of all people or organistaions involved.

Email communications will be employed from-time-to-time to inform supporters and partners about matters pertaining to the work of the Trust. There is no guarantee of security of transit with email communications, and individuals and organisations agree to receive email communications, and send them to us under that understanding.

Anyone may request to see what data is held on them, and anyone may request to receive communications no longer and/or to have their contact details deleted.

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