The organisations listed here are friends of The Raven Trust; they serve the same region in northern Malawi. The last two links are FYI.

Edinburgh Medical Missionary Society
The EMMS is a voluntary Christian organisation, dedicated to bringing healing to people throughout the world in the name of Jesus Christ

Christian Care for Body & Soul

Tools with a Mission
Tools with a Mission sends tools across the world! They collect and renovate tools which can be used by people overseas who are too poor to buy them

Computers for Charities
Promotes the efficiency of charitable and voluntary organisations by the provision of computer services, support and training within the United Kingdom and Overseas

Mamie Martin Fund
The Mamie Martin Fund was established in 1993 by the family and friends of Mamie Martin to advance the education of girls in Malawi

Working to improve dental services in northern Malawi

Malawi Fruits
Working to establish and grow sustainable community businesses in Malawi

Other relevant sites: is a current affairs website with all the latest news

Lonely Planet offers an overall view of Malawi with regards to holidays

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