Malawi facts

Here’s some interesting info about Malawi:
  • Formerly called Nyasaland
  • Capital is Lilongwe
  • 50% larger than Scotland
  • Population is over 11 million and rising
  • Currency is Kwacha
  • Seasons: October – May is hot with rain. May – August is dry and cool
  • English is the official and business language and Chechewe is the national language
  • Malawi has a varied religious make-up comprising of traditional religions and Christianity, with Hindu and Muslim minorities
  • Diet is primarily maize eaten with vegetables and occasionally fish or meat
  • Life expectancy for males is 39 years old and 44 years old for females
  • Age ratio is 45% for 0-14 year olds, 52% for 15-64 year olds and 3% for over 65 year olds
  • Exports – commodities: tobacco, tea, sugar, coffee, peanuts and wood products

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