Next Goggle Works Friday 15 March 19:00

Goggle Works illustrationOur next Goggle Works party will be on Friday 15 March, at 19:30, in Colchester. Join us to sort, wash, measure and pack second-hand glasses, ready to send off to our partners in Malawi.

Once in the clinics, they’ll be stored ready to dispense to patients. Providing second-hand glasses is important as new prescription glasses would be beyond the means of 90% of the population. Improving sight helps to enable education, work — and of course helps with the practicalities of living.

Everyone’s welcome, no previous experience necessary! Call 01206 622712 for more details.

College re-starts for students

We’re very pleased to report that the ophthalmic students we’re sponsoring have returned to their colleges at Lilongwe and Blantyre in Malawi, following a recent unplanned shutdown. This has been disruptive for their studies, but they have made good use of this time by being back at work in their clinics.

Vintage Glasses Sale at Maldon Flea Market 2 February

We’re back with our next sale of super cool vintage and retro glasses and sunglasses (a wide selection from the 1940s onwards) kindly donated to the Trust. Proceeds will provide an important contribution in our support of clinical training and the extension of ophthalmic services in Malawi.

Roll up on Saturday 2 February at The Flea Market, Maldon Town Hall (at the top of Market Hill), open from 08:30 – 15:00.

Into 2019

Happy New year to you all!  We have much to be thankful for, and to look forward to, as we head into 2019.

Our Maldon flea market stall in December went well, in spite of the day being cold and not so many people being out and about.  Altogether we made nearly £400. Thanks to all who contributed to this in so many ways.

Thanks also to friends who continue to support the development of eye care through sorting and measuring glasses.

At the same time we are so  grateful for the monetary donations from individuals, families and churches — the one-offs and the regular giving.

Altogether this support is enabling significant change amongst communities in northern Malawi, where improving sight helps with learning, work and quality of life.

To help effect this, we continue to  sponsor the training of medical students from partner hospitals, we provide clinical equipment and we make clinical visits to monitor progress and to maintain our mentoring relationship with staff.

Thanks everyone! If you have any questions, ideas or comments, we’d love to hear from you. Also, if you’d like us to speak to your group or organisation or church just let us know.  God bless you!


Vintage and designer glasses for sale in Colchester and Maldon

We are so grateful for the many secondhand glasses and sunglasses given to the trust. Amongst the donations, we often find some amazing vintage and designer creations, and we’re making the best available for sale, to provide a useful contribution in our support of clinical training in Malawi.

Our friends at Chocodolly, Sir Isaac’s Walk, Colchester, are selling a selection (do pop in and take a look at their fab gear!), and on Saturday 1 December, at The Flea Market, Maldon Town Hall, we’ll have our very own stall, with a wide selection from the 1940s onwards. See you at the Flea Market, which is at the top of Market Hill, open from 08:30 – 15:00

Vintage Glasses sale 1 December 2018