Optometric equipment purchased for use in Malawi clinics

We have recently purchased some optometric gear to equip clinics that plan to develop their services soon.

We bought almost the complete inventory of equipment from an optometrist practice in Southend-on-Sea. This had closed down following the retirement of the owner. Then we travelled to Yorkshire to purchase a second-hand lens cutter and edger for preparing lenses for frames.

All this will be sent to Embangweni Mission and Mzimba government hospitals and it will complete the equipping of the new optometric departments. Mzimba is in the same region as Embangweni, and we expect that the two clinics will be able to provide complimentary services reaching needy communities.

Our thanks to Ashok Bhardwaja and David Tate who let us have the equipment at generous prices. We also thank the guys from Southend Vineyard who did some heavy lifting, and to Sue and John Challis who drove all the equipment to Scotland. And finally to our good friends Vicky and Nigel of Smileawi in Scotland, who are letting us occupy space in their next container (leaving Strachur for Malawi, on 7th May).

Southend team
The Southend Vineyard heavy-lifters with Ashok Bhardwaja (right), and a tightly-packed van behind them.
lens cutter with the cover off
David Tate took us under the bonnet of the Briot Silver+ lens cutter.

Clinical staff training continues with students progressing well

The Trust is currently sponsoring the training of three members of the medical staff, with a fourth to start soon. They are from Embangweni and Ekwendeni hospitals .

The first has recently completed successfully his general clinical officer training and waiting for final exam results. After a year’s internship, he will go on to a further 18 months of training, specialising in ophthalmology.

Two members of staff at Embangweni recently completed successfully their first year in optometric technician training. They are currently back  working in their clinic until term starts. This coming year, another member of staff from Embangweni is set to commence a clinical-officer-in-ophthalmology course.

Eye clinic in Malawi
A student doing an eye test at Embangweni

This training is being done at colleges in Malawi, and all students are local people who are committed to serving their local communities. Providing the funds for this training is a key part of this Focus on Malawi’s objective to help enable sustainable eye care services at the mission hospitals in northern Malawi.

Vintage Glasses Sale Colchester Saturday 23 March

Amongst the kind donations of glasses and sunglasses made to Focus on Malawi, we occasionally find some retro or vintage gems. Some of them are in demand from vintage enthusiasts and collectors and, if we can sell them, the proceeds can be used for training students in Malawi. This coming Saturday 23 March, we’ll have a stall-full of these optical gems at Colchester’s famous Secret Vintage World event. It’s at the Town Hall, on the High Street, from 10:30 – 16:00.Vintage sunglasses

Next Goggle Works Friday 15 March 19:00

Goggle Works illustrationOur next Goggle Works party will be on Friday 15 March, at 19:30, in Colchester. Join us to sort, wash, measure and pack second-hand glasses, ready to send off to our partners in Malawi.

Once in the clinics, they’ll be stored ready to dispense to patients. Providing second-hand glasses is important as new prescription glasses would be beyond the means of 90% of the population. Improving sight helps to enable education, work — and of course helps with the practicalities of living.

Everyone’s welcome, no previous experience necessary! Call 01206 622712 for more details.

College re-starts for students

We’re very pleased to report that the ophthalmic students we’re sponsoring have returned to their colleges at Lilongwe and Blantyre in Malawi, following a recent unplanned shutdown. This has been disruptive for their studies, but they have made good use of this time by being back at work in their clinics.