Next Goggle Works 14 September 2018

The Raven Trust supports the development of eye care amongst rural people in Northern Malawi. A vital element in helping many people to see better is to prescribe glasses, but the normal price of a pair is way beyond the means of most people. So we send donated glasses to our partners (hospitals) in Malawi. But before they go, they need sorting and measuring.

Goggle Works

This is where Goggle Works parties come in. Why not give us a hand and join us for our next one on 14 September starting 19:30. No technical knowledge or experience required — and there’ll be plenty of refreshments to keep you going. Call 01206 612722 for more info and venue details.

Next Goggle Works 6 July 2018

Many complex factors contribute to poverty, but one simple contribution to fighting it is to help people to see better, so they can study and work. In fact, worldwide, half of all sight problems can be solved by using glasses to aid reading and close work. So join us on Friday 6 July in Colchester to help prepare another batch of secondhand glasses to send to our mission partners in Malawi. Starts 19:30 and there’ll be plenty of refreshments to keep you going. For more details, phone 01206 622712.

Team returns after successful trip

We are very happy to report that our visiting eye-care team has returned to the UK safely. It was a full and busy two weeks! Thanks to all in Malawi who made us welcome and who helped us along the way. We’ll be posting more about how the eye care services are developing, as well as what the challenges are, and what opportunities are opening up. A few pics to be going on with: the new autorefractor is ready for training staff at Embangweni Hospital…


Embangweni Hospital sign

Autorefractor training

Autorefractor training


Visiting team sets off

2018 team at departures Heathrow
This year’s visiting team has departed for Malawi. They’re seen here at Heathrow Terminal 2 with baggage stuffed to the limit with donated glasses and equipment for the clinics, as well as text books for the students we’re sponsoring. The volunteer team includes clinical staff from Essex County Hospital eye department at Colchester — and their cameraman.

Their first task on arrival will be to pick up (from our import agent) the autorefractor donated by Rotary Club of Colchester Trinity (see previous posts), and take it to the mission hospital at Embangweni. Other tasks will include: reviewing progress, needs and concerns with staff and managers at the Embangweni, Ekwendeni and Livingstonia hospitals; doing training; and meeting the students we’re sponsoring. They might actually see some patients, but that’s not such a pressing need now, with local staff running round-the-year clinics.