Woollies for Malawi

It may seem strange that the Raven Trust sends quantities of blankets and woollen clothes to such a hot country as Malawi. However, many of the children we work with live in the mountainous region, high above sea level where it can get very cold, especially at night.

Because of the high rate of death among infants, babies are sometimes not particularly well looked after until they are considered “viable”. Not only do these clothes and blankets keep them warm, but also, the fact that the baby has been given a special gift can increase its chance of good care.

Donation of knitted and crocheted goods for children are always needed.

Schoolbags for Malawi

The Raven Trust is providing shipping facilities for Enable Scotland to send a large number of filled school bags for children with learning disabilities in their Malawian network. The bags have arrived at the Strachur store and will be loaded on to the next container which will packed before the end of February. For more information on this project, please visit the Enable Scotland website at www.enable.org.uk

Sister Esther Lupafya – Newslink Extra

Sister Esther Lupafya, Co-ordinator of Ekwendeni Hospital Primary Health Care HIV/AIDs Programme, visited the Raven Trust office in Strachur last autumn. Read all about her work and plans in our Newslink Extra. Click on ” Newslink bulletin” at the right of the page and then on Newslink Extra.

Lake ambulance nears completion at Macduff

Macduff Shipyards are nearing completion of the aluminium clinic boat/lake ambulance designed to serve remote communities on the north-western shore of Lake Malawi (see previous posts). The hull is nearly completed, and has a coat of primer paint for protection. A three-cylinder, air-cooled Lister engine has been installed and the next stage is fitting out of electrics, controls, sterngear and seating. Still needed to acquire are safety and deck equipment and a marine radio. The provisional plan is to have a ‘yard launch’ at Macduff at the end of April followed by sea-trials, then a commissioning ceremony in Macduff on 2nd May 2009. The following week, the boat will be shoe-horned into a 40-ft container at Macduff for its trip to the lakeshore in Malawi.

Ekwendeni Storm

Press reports early in the New Year informed us that Ekwendenihad been hit by a cyclone and hail storm. Reports now received from the General Secretary of the CCAP (Church of Central Africa Presbyterian) in Mzuzu show that the damage is quite extensive. The maize store and Primary School lost their roofs, some Promary School staff house were demolished and there is damage to other buildings on the mission station. The Church of Scotland has provided some immediate funding and other funds have been made available to allow reconstruction to begin. Other houses, outwith the mission station, were extensively damaged and the recently sown maize crops have been devastated.

Ekwendeni Hospital, the Primary Health Care department and the General Secretary’s department have many items of clothing, soap, etc, sent out in various containers. These will, no doubt, be distributed where appropriate.