Raven Trust Open Day

Clear skies and sunshine greeted those who came to Strachur on Saturday, 16th October for the Raven Trust Open Day. Friends old and new from all over the country joined our regular volunteers to see the loading of FCL 72 with 1,185 boxes of goods en route to Malawi.

With the departure of the container, the venue switched to the Strachur Village Hall for the exhibition of pictures and stories of the work of the Raven Trust in Malawi and short talks from John Challis (with promptings from Sue), Bob and Jan Baxter, Tony Kidd, Alan Laverock and Dave Thomson on thier impressions of Malawi and the work they did there on their recent visits.

John and Sue Challis will be off to the north east of Scotland shortly to deliver a series of talks in Gardenstown, Macduff, Lossiemouth, Peterhead and Stonehaven.

Orphan and Staff Housing

Six houses refurbished or built this summer

Two teams from Scotland have just returned from Malawi where they undertook the replacement of the leaky straw roofs of orphan houses with new corrugated steel ones. When the work began, it was found that the walls of two of the houses were weak and that they would have to be rebuilt from scratch. With practical items sent in the container, the work of the Scottish teams and other funds, Mr and Mrs Soko of the DGM Hospital Primary Health Care Department have created real homes for around a dozen young orphans.

Two staff houses were also reroofed and refurbished. This tremendous effort was undertaken by Alan Laverock and his two teams.

Garage/Workshop at Livingstonia

The David Gordon Memorial Hospital in Livingstonia is about 100 miles from the main town of Mzuzu and 2,600 feet above the plain. Having a good vehicle workshop is vital to keep the various ambulances, vehicles and the marine ambulance at Mlowe operational. The roads off the main M1 are dirt tracks which put a tremendous strain on all vehicles using them.

This summer the workshop was fitted with and air compressor and associated pipework, a strong work bench with metal vice and a tyre changing spindle strongly fixed to the floor. Washing facilities with a sink and oil barrel for washing vehicle parts and a new electric lighting system were also installed.