Storm damage at Livingstonia

We have just heard from Young Soko in Livingstonia of the damage caused by a storm there recently. 15 families are homeless as their roofs were blown off and many have had their food store damaged. Some of these households are headed by elderly women who are looking after orphaned children.
At Khota school, one building has lost its roof while another has been completely demolished. Teacher’s houses have also lost their roofs.

New house for orphans

In 2010, a church in Argyll collected some £1,200 and donated it, through the Raven Trust, to help with the housing of orphan headed households in the Ekwendeni area of Malawi. John delivered this donation to Esther Lupafya when he was in Ekwendeni in the summer.

We have just had an email from Esther reporting on what has been achieved with this money – a family of orphans now have a decent, weatherproof and secure house to live in.  Esther was able to buy 40 sheets of corrugated iron (28 sheets of which were used on the house and the other will be used on another house), cement, window frames and doors.

The top picture shows where the orphans had been living and the bottom picture shows them posing proudly in front of they new accommodation.

Spec – tacular Christmas Tree

A couple of Christmas trees in Dunoon were decorated in spectacular style this year. People donated old glasses and prescription sunglasses to the Raven Trust in partnership with Focus on Malawi by hanging them on the trees. In return, they were invited to take away a “thank you” tag to hang on their own Christmas tree at home.

The glasses will be sent out to Livingstonia and Ekwendeni with the next container in February. Once checked by opticians, they will be given to patients for whom they will make life a great deal easier.