To Zomba with love

 Container FCL79 was loaded last week – not at Strachur, but at Walkerburn. The Presbytery of Melrose and Peebles collected bicycles, craft materials and sewing machines, tools, toys and theological books to send to the Presbytery of Zomba with which they are twinned.

Once the goods had been collected in one place, Melrose and Peebles Presbytery organised volunteers to load the container while the Raven Trust supplied expertise (and Raven Trust trustee Iain McPhillimy) and administrative support. It was a real community event as the Presbytery involved children from the local churches, primary and secondary schools

Zomba is in the south of Malawi, not far noth of Blantyre, and is outside the Raven Trust’s area of operations.  The theological books will be given to the Theological College there. We send our best wishes with the container and are sure it will be recieved with joy by the Presbytrey of Zomba.

Thank you for your prayers


John had a very successful hip replacement operation and was out of hospital and home within 4 days. He is a little frustrated that he still unfit for ceilidhs as yet and has to rely on crutches and Sue to get about. He is healing well but tires easily and needs frequent rest throughout the day. However, day by day he is improving and he and Sue thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.