Sue in Malawi

Sue 2Sue Challis is in Malawi for the first time in a number of years. She is enjoying her trip, meeting up with folks that she hasn’t seen since her last trip, those who have visited Strachur and those she has only heard about from John.

One of the visits she made was to Ekwendeni Hospital which, in many ways, was the birthplace of the Raven Trust. The children’s ward there is very busy and they are extremely short of sheets. If anyone has access to a supply of surplus sheets, Sue would love to hear from you.

We look forward to hearing all about Sue’s visit and seeing her photos when she returns to the UK.

Return to Malawi

John Challis has returned to Malawi with a long “to do” list, but this time Sue has gone with him to help out.

It has been several years since Sue was last in Malawi and it will be interesting to find out what difference she sees in the country since her last visit.

John will be in Malawi for 6 weeks although Sue will be back at the beginning of May

1 container – pipes, 2 elephants, a horse and a fire engine!

Zenda is a small village miles from anywhere in northern Malawi.  The road over a stream to the school is impassable in the wet season.  Hence no children go to school for 3 months of the year.  This will soon be a thing of the past as John Challis of the Raven Trust will be going out later in the year to build a culvert type bridge.  Pipes have been donated  by both George Leslie and a company in Ayr.  They were delivered to Strachur a few weeks ago and taken to McKerrell’s yard for storage.  It was here that they were loaded into the recent container by a team of local volunteers.  Once in Malawi they will be held at Ekwendeni and then transported up to Zenda and the local work will begin.

Also on this container are 2 elephants, a horse, a fire engine and a motorbike – part of a load of playground equipment bound for Msongwe  from Northern Ireland.

The pipes were loaded into the container by the staff at McKerrall’s and the container was then driven to the Raven Trust store where the playground equipment and over 300 boxes were loaded. Luckily the day was cold but dry.

The Raven Trust would like to thank the donors, staff at McKerrall’s and, of course, our own band of willing volunteers without whom none of this work would be possible.