Sue’s Updates (6) Bibles



Everyone wants a Bible is a local language or an N.I.V.. The Good News is available and welcome, then, after a while, there is a thirst to study more. John is used to being stopped in the street by someone asking for a Bible, or attending a meeting ending with requests for Bibles. It is a delight to be able to supply these as they cost at least a week’s wages.

Container FCL 84 arrives

FCL 84 1


On 10th December 2012 volunteers assembled at our store in Strachur to load FCL 84. On 10th April 2013 that same container arrived at Ekwendeni and was unloaded under the watchful eyes of Sue and John Challis




FCL 84 2





Amid great excitement the container was unloaded and boxes put in piles for the various recipients until they could load their boxes onto trucks for onward transport to destinations








FCL 84 3





The goods are received with great joy and gratitude – the smiles tell their own story


Sue’s Updates (5) Water and Wells

Kiston wells17 years ago, on my first visit to Malawi, I went with Kiston Mhango to renovate some wells and we discussed various water problems. I told him about computers – he thought I was a looney talking star wars rocket science!

Now we are installing broadband in Kiston’s office so that he can link up with the university to map wells, troubleshoot, access water testing, contact donors, find information and realise a very long-held vision. Kiston heads up the large Primary Health Care Department at Ekwendeni.

Kiston and Vesta are a remarkable couple. It was Kiston’s vision 30 years ago that initiated primary health care to the villages in Northen Malawi – a vision that has been replicated world-wide. Vesta leads the small businesses unit and has somehow made small businesses function where big aid agencies have failed.

There is a lot of other news about water – linking up various agencies, getting the practical work done, setting up a technology and development centre, water testing and planning. Hopefully we will get an update on that from John when he returns.

Sue’s Updates (4) Dental Unit and Smileawi

New dentstWhat a lovely surprise! Ekwendeni Hospital have appointed a dentist and technician! He presented the management with a long list of “needs” which was remarkably similar to the checklist drawn up by Nigel and Vicky Milne so much of it was on its way to Ekwendeni or was actually in the store 50 metres away until John sent it in the right direction. By now the new chair and facilities should be installed.

The next stage is to have broadband/Skype installed for training and professional backup/advice from the Milnes.

Sue’s Updates (3) Jamieson House

Jamieson house Apr13“Are we there yet?” – nearly! There are still plenty of jobs for visitors to do!

The local carpenter will be busy for some weeks yet but the house is habitable, comfortable and ready for guests, A big thank you to all the folk at Killearn, from the 1st year primary class to Mrs Jamieson whose legacy enables the building of the house. Pray that the facilities will be used well and that visitors will be able to contribute to Malawi and its people.

Contact for use of the house is via Rev Levi Nyondo at CCAP Synod of Livingstonia office in Mzuzu.