First Container sent off from Dundee Depot

1st Dundee loadingOn Saturday 11th January the first container to be sent to Malawi from our new depot in Dundee was loaded. The day was bright but cold and the new team, under the leadership of David Randall, worked with a will to pack all the donated equipment and boxes into the container aided by Iain MacPhillimy, Rainer Schmitt, Alan Laverock and John Challis. Well done to the Dundee team, whose efforts can be viewed in a video at

It is good to see the safe arrival of the containers at Ekwendeni and the distribution of the goods to various departments and hospitals. It is a tremendous operation involving all those who supply the goods, right through the listing, packing and shipping and all that this involves, to those who receive the items after a 10,000 mile journey by sea and road. Everyone has a part to play and praise God that everything arrives safely at its intended destination.

Progress on the Dentistry Front

Dental chairs

The dental chair donated by the school in Elgin was successfully installed after some difficult and challenging work. Connections to services were made and welded locally. The return visit to Malawi of Nigel and Vicky, dentists from Dunoon, enabled them to use this equipment to undertake dentistry work in an area where the local people have no access to dental services.

The new mobile dental chair and sterilising unit also means that they can move around more rural communities.

While in Malawi they organised a conference for dentists which enabled colleagues to share experiences and difficulties. It hoped to develop this further in 2014

Knitted with love



Many bags and boxes of knitting have been donated. The small new-borns all get a hat and other woollens. While the image of Africa is of a hot land, the temperature can drop quite low at times and it is important for the new-borns to be kept warm and cosy.

Thank you to all those who have knitted for the children – their Mums are very grateful