Accident involving FCL 105

On Saturday, 22nd April we learned that FCL 105 had been involved in an accident on the way from Lilongwe to Ekwendeni. Rev Levi Nyondo, General Secretary of the CCAP Synod of Livingstonia, was swiftly on the scene, along with Patrick Tembo, Senior Administrator at Ekwendeni Hospital and our own Ben Mhango. This is the first conatiner sent by the Raven Trust which has come to serious harm.

Rev Nyondo quickly took charge of the situation and organised security by the Malawian Police force and help from the army, while keeping us here in the UK abreast with developments. Amid tight security, the container was opened and a human chain formed to unload the container and release the boxes to the rightful recipients who were on site or remove them to Ekwendeni Hospital.

We are very grateful to all who helped unload the container and make sure that there was no looting but our special thanks must go to Rev Levi Nyondo, Patrick Tembo and Ben Mhango

FCL 107 loaded

FCL 107 – the last container to be sent to Malawi from the Raven Trust – was loaded on Saturday 1st April. Due to a strike by pilots at Antwerp, the container was held up at Grangemouth but it is hoped that it will be loaded onto a ship and begin its sea voyage today (14th April). Thanks as always to those who helped to receive and list the items sent, load the container, feed the loaders and clean out the shed at Peddie Street, Dundee afterwards.