Water and Wells Project Update

John continues to monitor the pilot project to repair and maintain wells aound Ekwendeni. For the first time, all wells and water supplies will be properly mapped and listed and plans will be made for their regular inspection, testing and maintenance. Since his last visit at the end of 2009, more wells have been repaired allowing another 4,000 people safe access to a clean water supply

Tambuka Bibles

A number of Tambuka Bibles were recently sourced and funded. These were given to various people in Northern Malawi. One was received by a Sunday School teacher who, the next day, was able to read a Bible story to the young people in the Sunday School for the first time in the local language. Tambuka is spoken only in the north of Malawi and parts of Zimbabwe.

A number of the Bibles will be going with the General Secretary of Livingstonia Synod (Rev Levi Nyondo) on a pastoral visit to Zimbabwe shortly.. The Harare congregation is linked with Malawi. We pray that God will use these Bibles among the people of Malawi and Zimbabwe.

FCL 68 arrives safely at Ekwendeni

John Challis returned to Strachur last week, just ahead of the cloud of volcanic ash which closed most European airports. He brought with him news and pictures from Malawi. On 7th April, he was in Ekwendeni to see the safe arrival and unloading of FCL68. The container, packed with all kinds of goods destined for Ekwendeni, Embangweni, Livingstonia, Bandawe, Mzuzu, Likoma Island and other places, was unloaded quickly and efficiently and the goods sorted out into piles for the various destinations and recipients. The local pastor then led prayers giving thanks for the donors and the safe arrival of the goods and for those who would distribute and use the goods sent.

Houses for Orphans project

Alan Laverock and teams of tradesmen will be going to Malawi in August. Part of the work they will be doing will provide houses for orphans who are heads of a household. In connection with this part of the project, sheets, blankets, curtains and basic household good are needed to provide these orphaned families with a safe and secure home.

More information on types of household goods is to be found on the “Elijah Packs” page.