Sue’s Updates (1) – Hospital Supplies

Hospital suppliesYippee! – good news!

Please email Rob Jones at if you have any disposable hospital supplies because he knows what is now needed. Everything should be “in date” for at least 12 months to allow for transport and distribution.

Several large aid agencies have joined forces to supply and deliver basic drugs and disposables to every hospital and clinic in Malawi.This has made a tremendous difference to the finaces  of these institutions and their ability to function. The Raven Trust did what it could for 17 years, “holding the fort”. Now the supplies are in place and what a joy it was to meet the medics who can now get on with their work without worrying about rationing their supplies.

Email/broadband connections mean we can now tailor the supplies we send to the needs – so saving on transport costs and waste. So, from now on, please only send supplies if you have the go-ahead from Rob Jones.

Thank you for all your sacrificial help in the past – it kept many clinics open and functioning through very difficult times.

Baby clothes/knitting, sheets and blankets are always needed.