Sue’s Updates (12) Livingstonia Plateau

Livingstonia googleLivingstonia is about 1/3 the size of the Island of Mull. The two roads up to the plateau, which is about 6,500 ft above sea level, are “difficult” during the rainy season making Livingstonia as inaccessible and remote as any small Scottish island. It is a beautiful, idyllic place, but as with any small community, the psychological problems are magnified. Members of different tribes and clans have different understanding and allegiances, combative histories and alienations.  There are inevitable tensions and it takes a very strong-minded person to keep everyone happy. To a westerner working in such a place it is like walking in a minefield.

Please pray for everyone there – that they will know peace, love, joy, forgiveness, patience, protection and grace and be motivated to make Livingstonia a beacon of light in a rather dark place.

Sue’s Updates (11) Ben

John and BenA totally unflappable “right hand man” to John. Ben drives, rebuilds vehicles when there are no tools or parts on some outlandishly difficult dirt tracks and picks up all the pieces when John returns to the UK to complete Raven trust projects. He finds good, reliable workmen and makes sure that they understand and undertake the work to as high a standard as possible.

He is a mine of information and has contacts everywhere. Want to know if a road is open/passable? – ask Ben. Need a spare part? – ask Ben. Where does ‘so and so’ live? – ask Ben

Thank you, Ben, a million times, for all you do together with us in Christ’s name.