Bon Voyage FCL 102

Picture1On a wet and windy 1st April, just after dawn, MSC Ishyka set off down the Clyde from Greenock carrying FCL 102 on the first leg of its sea voyage to Beira in Mozambique. From there the container will be carried onward by road to the Malawian Revenue Authority premises in Lilongwe in Malawi and eventually on to Ekwendeni.

The container, which was loaded at Dundee on Saturday 19th March, was delayed on its journey, first by a strike at Grangemouth which caused it to be diverted to Greenock, and then by bad weather which held up MSC Ishyka causing her to be late into Greenock. It will probably reach its destination in June.

Meanwhile FCL 100 has been landed at Beira and will begin its road journey to Malawi soon.