Tools Maintenance Manual


Tools manualSome time ago, Donald Manson, a retired teacher of technical subjects, wrote and illustrated a manual to help students of woodwork maintain their tools – chisels, saws, etc. – in good and safe condition. In conversation with John Challis about skills training in Malawi, he offered the manual to the Raven Trust. At the beginning of the year 140 copies of the students’ manual and 15 copies of the teachers’ manual were loaded onto a container and transported to Malawi where John retrieved them during his May visit. He took enough copies to Livingstonia Technical College, Ekwendeni Lay Training College and St John of God Training Workshop in Mzuzu to give every student a copy and every teacher got the teaching manual. The students and teachers were pleased to have these useful booklets – they had had no such resource available to them. Above – students and trainer, Oswald Mhango, at St John of God Training Workshop.