John sets off for Malawi

John Challis set off for two months in Malawi this week. While he is there he intends to complete the refurbishment of the Clinic and staff houses at Mlowe which will include replacing electrical fittings and installing electricity in the units which do not have electricity at present. He will also reinstate the water supply from an old bore hole, installing a new pump so that all parts of the complex, including the staff houses, have an adequate water supply. He also hopes to install a power supply for the radio transmitter and reinstate the system.

Also on John’s “to do” list 

  • a survey of the hospital buildings and grounds at Ekwendeni hospital with particular reference to water and sewage systems and establishment of new facilities for the Servicing and Maintenance Unit (SAM) within the dental/eye clinic at Ekwendeni
  • a short course on tool sharpening at Ekwendeni Lay training Centre and supply of sharpening stones to trainees
  • study feasibility of use of a windmill to raise water for agricultural irrigation at Jombo
  • monitor container contents with recipients and discuss future requirements
  • monitor “Good Hope”
  • construct secure store at Livingstonia engineer’s workshop
  • assess condition and use of orphan houses and accommodation built last year

There are also a few more bits and pieces on his list and, as always, he will be talking to lots of people from various walks of life as he travels around

Good luck with the list, John and God Bless.