Mlowe Clinic

The Mlowe Clinic is basically what we in the UK know as a ‘cottage hospital’. It is under the management of the major hospital at Livingstonia. Mlowe provides basic outpatient, maternity, HIV/Aid’s and emergency services to the local community. Beyond Mlowe the communities of Tcharo and Zunga are reached by boat so the Mlowe Clinic provides a ‘stop over’ for patients on route to Livingstonia. Some patients are treated at Mlowe such as malaria cases. It has a resident Clinical Officer and Matron as well as other staff to support the various services undertaken.

Work has progressed well on repairing and maintenance of the Clinic. The roof and rain water ways have been repaired. Electric lights installed into the Nutrition Unit and all electrical fittings replaced throughout the clinic which where damaged or not working. Water is currently being piped into the staff houses from a revitalized bore-hole system and the whole clinic given a coat of paint.