Water Quality Testing

John LJohn Littlejohn has just returned from Malawi. While there he was able to undertake the testing of water quality of boreholes, shallow wells and scrapes around the Ekwendeni area.

Some, which are near housing, have contamination issues and the PHC (Primary Health Care Department) of the hospital will investigate further.

Many have a ‘salty taste’ due to wells being drilled into the deep aquifer laid down many years ago.  John also examined the water in the Henga area and it has been decided that, due to surface contamination, it is unsafe to take water from a local stream and  village boreholes will be used instead

Container Goods

JoyceJoyce Makwenderie runs the children’s Nutrition Unit at Ekwendeni Hospital.  When they have recovered and are discharged from the unit the children go back into the community.  Many have social issues and these are addressed by Joyce and her team.  She is very grateful for the items of clothing and knitting sent to the department.

Henga Bridge

Henga BridgeThis community built bridge has been completed and provides a very welcomed connection to the villages in the area.  The old metal ‘vehicle chassis’ bridge is now relegated to a museum item and the people have a strong, safe bridge to cross over the river which is much appreciated.

Rice threshing

Rice ThresherIn Strachur, we receive requests from other charities to use our containers to transport items to Malawi. A recent approach from Just Trading Scotland (owned by the Balmore Trust) has resulted in the Dundee container shipping 3 pedal powered rice de-huskers.  These will be used by the villagers at Kaporo near Karonga in Northern Malawi, a major rice growing area.